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Hilariously, someone else has added underneath: 'Unlike my ex-wife.'Another machine has a sarcastic note which says it is not dispensing food but is 'accepting cash donations'. And that's no way to live.'Another frustrated customer was more aggressive in his note-writing.

A Good Samaritan alerted future customers to another broken vending machine with a note that advised: 'This is broken. They attached a message to the front of a machine which read: 'Put Cheetos back in this machine or I will snip the power cabels [sic].

The thefts were reported in various buildings across campus, including Wescoe, Murphy and Blake halls.

The Lawrence Police Department said that the effort is about educating drivers on the dangers of speeding, including the risk of fatal car accidents.

Some of the most popular are photos of witty notes left on broken vending machines.

One of the most viral images shows a darkened vending machine with a note on the front that reads: 'The light inside has broken but I still work.'Many of the people who shared the image on Imgur jokingly empathised with the message, with one writing: 'I know how you feel, vending machine.' Another note on a different vending machine helpfully points out that it 'won't take the money'.

Deputy Chief James Anguiano said via email that he could not say very much about the crimes because they are ongoing investigations, but he encouraged anyone who sees anything or knows anything to contact PSO.

At slightly over 5 million nationwide, Japan has the highest density of vending machines worldwide. The machines sell any number of types of soft drinks, coffee, tea, cigarettes, candy, soup, hot food, and even sake and beer.

After spending two weeks in Tokyo, one aspect of the city continued to strike me after I returned: the overwhelming abundance of vending machines.

The proliferation of vending machines is impossible to ignore.

But so do New Yorkers, as well as any other number of city-dwellers, and still vending machines are not nearly as popular. Sociologists and economists have offered a few potential answers.

Walmart is trying to make it easier to pick up online grocery orders.

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There is no cost for picking up groceries, but customers must spend at least $30 per order to use the service.

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